Get to know me

When I was 6, my Grandma was my best friend and favorite visitor. She had so many interesting hobbies and was the healthiest 80+ year old woman you could imagine. She was the epitome of mindfulness and anything my 6 year old self wanted to do would get my grandmother’s full support and involvement. When she left this world I was gifted many of her things that I carry around with me to this day. One of the books gifted to me was her very well-loved copy of Richard Hittleman’s “Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan”.

Now before we get any ideas about me being some young yoga prodigy, know that I did not actually pick up this book until many years later. Around the age of 16 I started having stress-related stomach issues and was lucky enough to have a doctor recommend yoga as a strategy to combat my anxiety. I attempted a few yoga classes in my small country town and was not a big fan; I ended up spending more time focused on how I looked rather than what they were asking me to do, as any teenage girl would. Though I quit going to classes, my determined self started practicing from home and stumbled upon the dusty little book on my shelf that needed to be taped together to be read! I used this book (as well as a few low quality youtube videos from back in the day) off and on into my 20's. Somewhere during this time I was able to get my anxiety under control enough to ease my stomach issues. It was also during this time I realized how important having a daily practice would be for my well-being, so a friend and I became fitness coaches in an effort to boost my health even further. While coaching didn't last very long it sparked something in me that I believe was a catalyst for major change in my life. From that point on I delved deeper into yoga and meditation, which led to doing my own exploration and studio hopping until February of 2017 when I was inspired to attend a yoga teacher training with Yandara Yoga in Baja, Mexico.

My time with Yandara was pure magic and opened my eyes to many avenues through which I could share my love of yoga, including reiki, harmonium, meditation and kirtan. Feeling fully satisfied with deepening my knowledge and a desire to keep learning beyond my training, I channeled my focus into my own practice. I spent the next two years exploring and connecting with the yoga community, attending workshops and sampling a variety of techniques and philosophies. I am now on a mission to share all that I have learned with my students by fueling their own passion for yoga.  

With this in mind I have bought a one way ticket to Asia, kicking off my trip with continued education and training at Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia n July 2019. With new techniques added to my teaching tool belt I hope to bring the most well rounded experience to those ready to start their own yoga journey.



  • 200hr Yoga Instructor

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Meditation Guide

Continuing education:

  • 300 hour training with Zuna Yoga

  • Reiki Master Class with Yandara

  • Vipassana Meditation Retreat