Little extra Love

From my Heart to your Screen!


Work Break Energy Shift

Take 5 with me + shift your vibes into high gear! This quick and fun flow, helps move the energy that get stuck in your body when you are stressed, anxious or just tired and need a little reboot.

Hit play + get moving!

Centering breath Meditation

Perfect for days where you feel off kilter or full of anxiety. This mediation is meant to bring focus + energy to your physical center + allow your mind to mellow and expand.



Sweet Dream Meditation

A short but sweet bed time unwind.

Background plays for a minute and a half after I'm done speaking so turn off auto play options on YouTube to allow you to drift off to sleep without interruption



Good Morning Meditation

This short morning meditation helps guide you inward so you can find joy and accomplish anything with your day. Background music is continuous and you will know when it's over by me asking you to be grateful to yourself for showing up here today. 

Feel free to come back to this meditation anytime you want to start your day with me