Week Four: Training Wrap-up and Leaving my Comfort Zone

August 8, 2019

The last week of training was actually only 5 days, during which time we taught our master class and presented our 3 day workshop ideas. I still haven’t processed this whole experience but I can say that I have grown from the challenges that were presented to me during this month of hard work and sweat. Promise, I will take the time to revisit this when I have had a little more distance and gained some perspective. In the meantime I can say how grateful I am for all the wonderful friendships and new techniques that I can now integrate into not only my life but my practice as well.

So moving forward from my training I hopped to the next town over, Seminyak, for two nights to meet up with a friend. Lindsay and I only had two days together but it was a blast! She and I had never met prior to this but I feel as though I have known her for a long time because she is good friends with my sister, by choice not blood, Jana. Between the sunset cocktails, dinner bands, wandering the shops and surfing for the first time it was a great kick off to my next adventure.

Week 4 ended with me making my way north to Ubud, to stay in an adorable home-stay right next to the bustling center of town. I am in a second story room which means I get a lovely rooftop view and a space to practice yoga outdoors. Lucky for me it is actually pretty quiet here and most things are within a 15 minute radius of this new little home base. It is really interesting to have no set schedule after a month of routine, though I am still somehow waking up pretty early. It feels like I have done so much in the few days since leaving our yoga bubble, starting with a visit to the monkey forest. This is a must see for anyone who has never spent time with monkeys, they are fascinating, so I spent several hours slowly wandering, watching and taking photos with these furry beings. To end the day and the week I met up with one of the women from my training for a dinner date and then we found our way to a reggae bar and danced ourselves all the way to our beds.

I wish I could put the magic of Bali into words but hopefully the bliss I feel translates through the photos and the few words I was able to put on this page. Can’t wait to see what comes next, thank you all for journeying with me.