Week One: Bali Life

July 13, 2019

Started off with a bit of a rough landing the first evening in Canggu; my housing fell through but my driver was amazing, he fed me and drove around for what felt like forever. Finally I wound up just coming to the venue where my training is being held and getting a room around 8 pm after a 31 hour travel day. A good nights rest and some yummy breakfast the next morning made things right as rain again.

I met some of the girls the day before training for lunch and dinner, got some quality bonding time in and then met the rest of the group the following day. This is seriously such an amazing bunch of humans and I feel so grateful to be here with them. I genuinely think we were destined to be at this exact training, supporting each other through these next few weeks.

Zuna yoga teacher training so far has taken some getting used to, though overall its wonderful, its very different from life back home. With the early mornings, odd food break hours and so much information being crammed into my head, its hard to know which way is up sometimes. My teachers have so much to share its inspiring and I feel connected to them as if I had known them my whole life.

Our two lead teachers switch off teaching our morning yoga (aka the sweatiest 3 hours of my life) with the assistance of the lovely Molly and Dan. Next is a well deserved breakfast before the fist class of the day (peep the schedule here if you are curious). Everett, one of the founders, takes the first teaching session, philosophy, and is unintentionally hilarious in the way he reacts to questions about our very dense subject matter. Katherine, our other lead teacher and co founder of Zuna, teaches in the afternoons during anatomy and workshop classes. She has the most insane memory and knows more than I can even imagine being able to store in my brain. Michaella, our other anatomy teacher is brilliant and has the most loving spirit. She makes afternoon learning fun and easy to comprehend (this is so important because by this time of day we are all pretty wiped out already). Day to day the schedule stays the same but the content of each class differs so we are getting into quite the routine. After all this learning and more tasty vegetarian food in my belly, I knock out so hard each night, really I think its the best sleep of my life.

To end week one we did ecstatic dance workshop and ended our lessons a whole hour early. With this new found time, a group of us decided to venture out into Canggu in search of vegan ice cream that we had been told was delicious and it exceeded expectation if I do say so myself. We wandered back to school slowly and popped into shops and markets along the way as we continued to talk and get to know each other better. Lots of pictures and a sugar high I made it to my bed and stayed up “late” for the first time in a week. Saturday, our day off, I spent half my time in the pool and the other half wandering Canggu seeking out food and new experiences. Wound up at Tanah Lot Temple for sunset, getting blessed in holy water, watching the waves crash and then seeing hundreds of thousands of bats leave the caves as the sun sunk below the horizon. I feel such deep gratitude for how things are unfolding and cannot wait to see what next week has in store for me.