Week Five: Wandering Ubud, Bali

August 15, 2019

As I was now officially now on my own I decided that my first task of solo travel was to get a lesson in how to ride a scooter, that is the main mode of transportation here in Bali and the ability to ride meant freedom to explore. What was supposed to be a two hour lesson turned into a five hour event of me learning not only to ride but a bit about Balinese culture and some fun philosophy talks with Kadek. I highly recommend doing lessons with him if you are in Bali, he’s wonderful for beginners or if you just need to understand the rules of the road here. Without traffic lights or stop signs in most intersections the driving here looks insane from the outside but it basically boils down to intuition and finding the flow of traffic which Kadek is an expert at.

Day two of my “solo traveling” Kelly, my friend from training, got back into town from her short venture to northern Bali. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a huge relief for me, I am still processing everything from last month and don’t think I was quite ready to be fully on my own.

We spent the week exploring local temples, getting massages, walking around town plus the surrounding area and eating at all the fun places that Ubud has to offer. Most memorable was the sunrise hike! The 2am pick up, hour and a half drive and a crazy accent 7,000ft straight up a mountain lead to a magical sunrise and a ridge top breakfast.

To end the week we got two well deserved massages and of course more delicious food, which in my opinion is the best way to mark any occasion.

Audrey WoodComment